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Health and Wellness Articles (reprinted from The Robesonian)

    Lying for a reason  
    Ignore TIME  
    Snake Oil  
    My first article  
    The truth shall set you free  
    A recession diet  
    Different strokes for different folks  
    An executive health order  
    A new year, a new you?  
    Children growing up obese  
    Use the Olympics to get you moving  
    LRA offers digital mammography  
    North Carolina...a big state  
    Organic food. Is it worth it?  
    Staying healthy when it gets hot  
    A simple test for better health  
    10 steps to get you healthy  
    Useful running tips  
    Are you getting enough sleep?  
    Women and Heart Health Month  
    Competing in an Ironman; Raising money for screening mammography  
    Help in quitting smoking  
    Keeping those New Year Resolutions  
    Healthy Thanksgiving tips  
    Extra Halloween candy = extra pounds  
    Exercising in the cold  
    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month  
    September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month  
    No magic pill  
    What to eat, when you eat out  
    Sun Safety. Part II  
    Sun Safety. Part I  
    Foods to help your mood  
    May brings awareness to osteoporosis  
    Weight loss and the numbers game  
    Eat Healthy, Grow Taller  
    Radiology and your safety  
    February is Heart Healthy Month  
    Positive thinking helps in recovery  
    A true inspiration  
    Becoming a big loser  
    Keeping down the stress level during the holidays  
    Healthy eating during the holiday season  
    Safety tips for exercising in the cold  
    November health observances  
    Good for the mind, body and soul  
    The naked truth about back pain  
    Corporate wellness programs benefit all  
    Change happens through action, not by awareness  
    Water, portion control keys to healthier diet  
    Statistics speak: smoking a factor  
    TLC fast forwards picture to show fate of obese children  

Press Releases 

    LRA Field Charity Golf Tournament A Big Success  
    LRA Hosts Golf Tournament  
    LRA honors National Mammography Day  
    Dr. Andy Simays Becomes LRA's Newest Partner  
    Important News For Medicaid Patients  
    May Is Osteoporosis Awareness And Prevention Month  
    Point Of Care Testing Offered at LRA  
    LRA Celebrates Anniversary  
    Robeson County Has Access To Bone Disease Testing  
    LRA Uses 3 Dimensional Color CT Images  
    LRA Joins The Discussion Concerning CT and Lung Cancer Screening  
    LRA Launches New Website  
    Andrew E. Simays, M.D. Joins LRA  
    LRA Giving Relief to Patients in Pain  
    Dr. Richard Pellegrini Retires From LRA  
    LRA Receives ACR Mammography Accreditation  
    LRA Goes Filmless; Moves to Computed Radiography (CR)  
    CT Services Now Provided to LRA's Patients  
    Mike DeCinti Joins LRA as New Marketing Director  
    For More information, contact Mike DeCinti at (910) 738-8222 ext 258 or mdecinti@lraxray.com  
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